1970? Yamaha CT-1 175

owner: Casey Him

‘70-71? AT1 Yamaha front loop, swingarm and forks. 60’s Ducati single subframe, one-off twisted struts made from ornamental iron. RD400 wheels, XS400 rear brake set-up. 70’s CT1 175cc motor, stock carb, high pipe cut and rerouted under frame. Running a dual plug set-up with an old Harley coil. Gas tank is possibly Ness (fiberglass), re-tunneled and new mounts, leopard print laid under resin. One-off seat pan (too flat...) with exercise bike seat cover. Tires- front was a gorgeous NOS Avon trials supreme, rear is a rock hard Japanese Dunlop. Everything else came from the junk pile upstairs or from my caffeine-fueled, sleep-deprived imagination. I built this thing in thirteen days, the paint was still drying when i wheeled it into the show that afternoon. I stopped working on customer bikes and pulled 12 to 15 hour days until I was done,

I wasn’t sure the tank would even hold gas until we filled it up that night. I try to build one bike every winter, so hearing about the show with such short notice was the perfect inspiration, what the fuck else does a Portland bike mechanic have to do in January? I had the coil wired backwards or she would have popped that night, probably for the best considering the lack of sleep and enormous amount of alcohol in my bloodstream. It runs great now and the balloon tires make it perfect for grass and mud - it’s the sort of bike you kind of giggle while riding. 

Justin LewisYamaha