1997 Honda XR400

owner: Thor Drake

The idea to turn an XR400 into a street bike came to me one day when I was riding my dirt bike down through Baja, Mexico. I was with a group going down to the trip all on off-road trails, a few of the riders had XR400s. After owning an SR500 for many years I was familiar with the big singles and their capabilities. As I inspected the XR400 I noticed the striking resemblance between the two bikes: oil in frame, big single cylinder, and best of all, street legal. Building the damn thing would be the next headache. I started with the tank, headlight

off a CB400f and late ‘90s Yamaha R6 forks. Changed the front wheel to a 19. Hooked up some new brakes. Modified the original frame and installed a 2-inch lowering kit to the rear. All suspension was re-valved. Clip- ons and seat scored off the Internet. Rear-set foot pegs designed by Jared Kenyon. Custom underseat exhaust done by Heath. Lots and lots of time cleaning and polishing, then fitting everything together at the very last minute. I’m really happy with the end result.

Justin LewisHonda