1989 Yamaha TDR250

owner: Jim Overstreet

  • JDM spec. TDR250 aluminum swingarm
  • R1/R6 monobloc front caliper
  • EBC Pro-Lite front brake rotor
  • Race Tech Gold Valves in front forks
  • Shortened rear suspension tie-bars/dogbones
  • Braided stainless brake lines
  • Gold anodized aluminum handlebars
  • Black seatcover
  • Gold RK O-ring chain
  • Renthal aluminum rear sprocket 41T
  • Renthal front sprocket one tooth up from stock 15T 
  • Head skimmed (SCR)
  • Exhaust outlet opened to match ex. manifolds (SCR)
  • PV’s matched to ex. port roof (SCR)
  • All ports and transfers cleaned up (SCR)
  • Cylinders matched to upper case half (SCR)
  • Carbs bored to 29.5mm with divider plates (RB Designs)
  • New OEM clutch with F3 spec springs
  • Jim Lomas stainless steel pipes
  • RGV VJ21 front mudguard
  • Morad aluminum rims 4.25/17 rear, 3.75/17 front
  • Michelin Pilot Power tires 150/60/17, 120/60/17
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