2003 Norton Commando VR880

owner: Jeff Foster
builder: Norton Motorcycle Co.

It was not my goal to become some kind of disciple of the religion of Norton. Like a poor sucker who stumbles upon a picture of a beautiful would-be mail-order bride, I had stumbled upon a picture of a beautiful Norton Commando, on the internet. This was not only a picture, and this was not any bike. The Norton was immediately an obsession—unquestionably the most beautiful motorcycle in the world, to me.

What I have come to learn about romance is that sometimes fantasy becomes more romanticized than the object of affection itself. I found myself embroiled in a new job at Norton dealing with lawyers, bankers, engineers and builders.

The Norton Motorcycle Company has since moved back to England with the intention to build new bike, while longtime norton enthusiasts are still riding their bikes of old. This bike will always exist in the middle, some old, some new.....always the perfect age in my opinion. Every time I ride this bike, something sort of magical happens, the whole world seems to look a little different.

  • Kibblewhite Valves
  • Baisley head
  • Excel Wheels
  • Belt Drive
  • Autometer Gages
  • And on and on 
    • Cermacoated Frame
    • Italian Front-end
    • Swedish Read
    • Brembo Brakes
    • Re-cast cases and barrels
    • J & E pistons
    • Falicon Crank