1970 Honda SL350 Road Racer

owner: Joe Weir

I started out with just an old Honda SL frame and the bottom end. The frame was used because it has two down tubes where the CB only has one, making it the stronger choice of the two. The SL engine also came without a starter from the factory so that was a shoe-in. Or so I thought. I came to find out that most racing parts were only built for the CB, not the SL, like the close-ratio transmission. Honda made many of
its motorcycles “part specific,” which is good for the company, bad for racing. Les Barker of The Vintage Advantage did all of the motor work, boring, valves, cam, porting and a final assembly. Front forks from a ‘79 CB750 with Race Tech springs and emulators. Rear shocks from Works. Front brake is a modified Yamaha XS650 2LS arced with a race compound from Vintage Brake. The frame and exhaust were welded up by Kenneth Wright, my German pal from MotoGalore here in PDX. Bodywork from Bret at Glass From The Past painted by ‘yours truly’ to give homage to the 1970 Daytona winner Dick Mann’s CR750.

It all came to fruition after this year’s Portland AHRMA event taking a 1st place in the very competitive 350 Sportsman class.

Big thanks to all who helped me, especially my brother Dave!

Justin LewisHonda