1976 Honda CB550 - NOW 735CC

owner: Paul Ages

  • 69.7 HP at 9,700 RPM/ 41# torque (not yet dynoed at the new displacement)
  • CB550 cases, primary shaft, trans
  • CB650 crank (+5mm stroke), lightened and balanced
  • CB650 connecting rods
  • CB650 head; stage 2 porting by JMR, kibblewhite HD valve springs • Megacycle 126-21 camshaft
  • CB750 cylinder sleeves, shortened and milled to fit the cylinders • 64.75mm pistons, milled to fit, 10.52/1 CR
  • CB650 clutch basket and primary gearing, barnett plates
  • CB550 trans gears undercut by Fast By Gast
  • CB650 primary chain tensioner and chain oiler adapted to 550 cases
  • Dyna 2000 ignition and rev limiter
  • 520 chain/sprockets
  • CB550 frame; gusseted and braced
  • Progressive rear shocks/ front springs
  • Tarrozzi fork brace and rear sets
  • 1978 Ducati 900ss fuel tank
  • aluminum alloy rear cowl hand-hammered
  • fiberglass half fairing by Glass From the Past 

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