1964 Triumph Bonneville AKA “The 750,”“The TR6,”“The Triumf”

owner: Casey Him

Scored off of CL a few years back, the Triumph entered my life in three or four boxes and was missing the wheels, forks and half the frame. The story was it had been a ‘tracker left to die out behind a shed in California. The PO had sawzalled the swing arm mounts off, tossed the crumbling fiberglass body work and sold the wheels and ceriani forks the day before. I took it home and started putting if together as cheaply
as possible. I made the hardtail down at Ken’s, scrounged the Bultaco forks for a song, found the tank in a scrapmetal truck and basically cheapskated my way through the whole build. The history of the bike would slap me in the face everytime I looked in one of the boxes; this bike was built to kill. Huge Mikunis promising 4 mpg, everything had holes drilled in it, lightwieght fasteners, a 750 kit, and the thing de la resistance —

cams. I’d close my eyes and see it sliding sideways past a line of orange and black tractors at 80 mph. I hardly have any road time on it (insert shitty excuse here), but the little blasts up and down gravel roads tell me I’ve got a winner.

Motor: 1964 TR6, Bonneville head, Routte 750 kit, JoMo 15 cams, big ass ‘kunis. Frame: 1964 TR6 front loop, Motogalore hardtail, Bultaco forks, Triumph wheels. Others: ‘70s tank, bicycle seat, Mini Cooper fog light, decent Pirelli up front, chicken-skin in back. All fab work was done at Motogalore world headquarters with the help of the usual characters.

Justin LewisTriumph