1955 IZH M47 350CC Dual Port Single 2 Stroke

owner: Thadius
builder: Empire Classics

As found. It was built as it is now in Holland, it even still carries its European plates. I believe the builder played up the fact that it is a Russian built DKW and hand painted Auto Union and DKW emblems all over the place. It has some WWII parts on it including German gas mask canister as a toolbox on the back.

These bikes were built by the same company and in the same factory as the AK47 assault rifles.

I was given this bike by a fellow who bought 5 motorcycles in a lot from an antique dealer. I was told the only reason he got them was that McMenamins was going to use them as display pieces in their pubs. As he wasn’t going to do anything with them himself he gave them all away. I had to be interviewed by him first and pick the bike out without seeing it. I got pretty lucky as this is the only one that was complete and running. 

Justin Lewis